The rain and wind won for the 1st day of the year so we headed out as the fog was breaking the next day at 11:20 AM. We were near an island just off the main channel when we started marking fish first thing. I had just read the Captain Mack’s fishing report and had my bait just a few feet off the bottom.

Moments later my rod tip was starting to more than bounce there was even a tiny zip of my super loose drag. So I did what probably most experienced fishermen wouldn’t do, I grabbed the rod and set the hook to air. What could have been the first fish ends up being a forced error.

Pretty soon the morning winds had spot lock in a fit and we decided to just let the wind blow us past a point and regroup. Once again my live trout at 25 feet goes off and this time it’s…

Gone. Got the bait so at least I didn’t mess this one up? Or did I hook it wrong? It was probably just a lucky catfish getting a meal, not the 2nd fish of the year I’ve lost.

So Mrs. Fisherman’s Five and I started to slow troll at 2 mph looking for bait, or fish marks. We both had out the most delicious looking baby trout a fish could ever see. As we circled around heading out towards the main channel in about 17 feet of water, Mrs. F5’s rod starts to scream and I ask “Are you stuck…?”

Yes she in fact was stuck with a perfect hook set on a double digit striped bass and perfect way to kick off the year. She had out about 90 feet of line and it took over 200 before she was able to land it. I’d like to brag that I can count line that fast by sight but really she just has a line counting reel.

I think it’s a wonderful start to a fun fishing year for my wife to land a monster to kick off the year right. And like the song says there is one thing that’s true, your wifes gonna catch more fish than you. While I might not have caught? I still got my first trip point of the year!

Trip Breakdown

Trip Points: 1
Fish Caught: 1
Fish Lost: 2
Bait: Live trout
Water Depth: 18
Line Depth: 18
Trip Start: 01/02/2021 11:20 am
Trip End: 01/02/2021 2:12 pm
Air Temp: 58
Water Temp:  52