It’s cold today, didn’t get out of the 40’s and there is talk of snow tonight. Of course that means fish as early as possible right? I had a plan, until the wind punches you in the face.

The day starts off with a fun ride across the lake, wind and waves makes for a fun boat ride. Even a little spray can be refreshing on a cold day. I lower the throttle once we get to the mark we’ve named “Little Spot Truck Stop” and right away it’s perfect. Bait, current, fish marks and even a flock of seagulls diving on the surface. Moments later we have two live trout out looking to make new friends.

The depth changes widely here, plus there are a bunch of trees that also like to eat live trout. I inform Mrs. FishermanFive she’s responsible for her own depth and getting snagged, so of course I was the only one who lost any hooks getting snagged on this trip. But before I got snagged I had a big one on…

Well at least I think I did. With all the wind, waves and user errors I apparently didn’t have my spinning rod fully closed, so when the fish hit there was lots of banging, line going out. And with no tension on the rod the hook never set. I wish it was a better story where I landed a monster winter bass on the first cast. Instead it’s a rookie mistake and another lost fish. Hopefully I’ll get better at fishing before the spring comes when I get to really pad my catch numbers.

We spent a few too many 10 minute timers poking around this one little area. The dash sonar sounded like a heart monitor. We were on top of the fish and off of them the entire time. I had another location to check that was out on the main lake but on top of a shallower hump. The wind had really started to kick up by this point, blowing 15 miles an hour at times. We did mark some fish but at this point the wind and cold had won.

Gripping my USB hand warmer I pressed the stow button, fired up the engine and headed back to the dock.

As I write this entry, we are waiting on snow. Maybe the fish will want to play in the snow with me early tomorrow?

Trip point 5 of 182.5

Trip Breakdown

Trip Points: 1
Fish Caught: 0
Fish Lost: 1
Bait: Live trout
Water Depth: 50
Line Depth: 35
Trip Start: 01/07/2021 1:42 am
Trip End: 01/07/2021 3:00 pm
Air Temp: 45
Water Temp:  51