Rules for the 182.5 fishing challenge

Below are the detailed rules for the 1 year fishing challenge. These rules are of course subject to change and debate at your local bait shop.


1. Must complete at least 182.5 fishing trips in 365 days

That comes out to trying to fish every other day for an entire year. I know, its a rough challenge but someone has to try right?


2. Each trip is worth 1 point

Any 1 – 4 hour block of time spent fishing counts as a trip and equals one point. Additional points can be scored on a single trip, see the charter boat rule below.

The current standard is time has started once the boat leaves the dock for boat fishing or once you’ve made it to any shore fishing location.


3. Each trip must be documented

For a trip to count as a valid point, it must be documented.


4. The “Charter Boat” rule

For any additional hour(s) past 4 hours counts as an additional point scored. For example a 9 hour trip would be worth 3 points. 1 point for the first four hours, 1 point for the next four hours and 1 point for the last hour of fishing.

Scoring multiple points in one day with multiple trips is acceptable. There must be at least 4 hours between any single trips. In order to score multiple points with one trip it must be continuous, with the normal breaks for food and such.

And this has been named the “charter boat” rule.


5. Majority of time must be spent fishing

This rule is mostly for the dads who dream about a serious fishing trip but ruin it by attempting to compromise with non-fishing family members during warmer months.