It’s a myth that fishermen don’t work. Non-working fishermen have just obtained a state of nirvana or retirement like my pops we’re all striving for off the water. The weather today was great, but duty called with the first “all hands” meeting at work. A crazy wise man, emphasizing on the crazy part once said:

“If you’re going to take a meeting, take it to the lake…”

This quote reminds me of a neat thing about quotes, they don’t exist until someone writes or says one. So I said this out loud while on the boat, so I could quote myself later. Worked! The meeting, (on Zoom of course, remote life) was at 1 PM and was scheduled to last for an hour. Perfect, because according to the rules one hour of fishing = 1 trip point. I can say meetings on the boat are much better than in the office or even home office. A downside is fishing is what suffered.

The plan was to do some light trolling, so I tapped out a quick route to follow in Navionics and on the water around 12:10 PM. The marks were often and semi-interesting. A few big fish, a few groups of medium size fish holding on the bottom in about 60 feet of water. I wasn’t going to stop unless it was spaghetti under the boat, but would slow down and let the baits drop when I marked decent fish. Random day trips can really make you feel like you have the entire lake to yourself.

It also proves another fishing paradox:

No matter how few boats are on the water, they will always be at or headed to your exact spot.

Which is exactly what happened, thus proving that wormholes are real with two boats. The guy was nice, he’d dropped his trolling motor right where I’d marked some most likely spots at around 60 feet. We had a quick chat about his live scope and wiring, he said using higher gauge/quality wiring mattered for his Panoptic Live Scope. I did ask if the live scope was amazing and he of course said yes.

We are waiting for the release of the MEGA 360 Live Scope in March 2021, but a duel system is tempting. Like the link to live scope you might have just clicked, I continued to troll with the work meeting in full swing. It was actually an informative and upbeat meeting which is nice to offset the nearly silent fishing. Minus the sonar dash beep reminding me that we are marking fish. Just not catching them.

Side note, while writing this I realized I’ve yet to see a spotted bass fishing boat catch. This might be more a comment on my location selection than their angling abilities. Back to the point, fishing while distracted really took away from the ability to catch. I had two tugs but nothing official enough to consider a lost fish. While I’m not saying I wouldn’t do another meeting on the boat, it was more dangerous and for sure distracted driving which is not good. I did end up catching one nice branch, but it was humanly released back. Stick and leaf season after all, ends in the Fall.

Trip Breakdown

Trip Points: 1
Fish Caught: 0
Fish Lost: 0
Bait: Soft swim bait, A-Rig
Water Depth: 53
Line Depth: 35
Trip Start: 01/06/2021 12:10 pm
Trip End: 01/06/2021 2:00 pm
Air Temp: 57
Water Temp:  51